Orbitmuse Habitat at mHUB Chicago

NewSpace Chicago is very excited to be the community manager for Orbitmuse Habitat at mHUB Chicago. The mHUB facilities are unparalleled for innovation prototyping. Orbitmuse provides a global innovation platform for space and aerospace entrepreneurship. Together, the partnership aligns our core missions and will help our communities succeed with greater insight and resources. Members at Orbitmuse’s Habitat location within mHUB will have access to Orbitmuse’s global space entrepreneurship network and mHUB’s unparalleled coworking and innovation facility, with state-of-the-art prototyping equipment and resources, including a fully equipped 3D Printer Lab, Cold Metals Lab, Electronics Lab, Hot Metals Lab, Laser Cutting Lab, and Plastics Lab.

Space technology is complicated and requires expertise. There is a void in post-funding ecosystems to ensure the longevity of commercial success. Access to Space grade prototyping facilities is limited and expensive. Regulatory constraints and getting to Space is a capital-intensive deterrent for otherwise commercially viable products and services. Market vetting is difficult due to sparse data from industry participants, and supply chain transactions.

Orbitmuse provides a 360 degree platform and ecosystem for the Space and Aerospace development including coworking with prototyping labs, a targeted global community and network, crowdfunding, and accelerated education via online courseware and dynamic events.

Orbitmuse offers three distinct product lines:

  • Orbitmuse Boost helps you finance your project’s initial steps.
  • Orbitmuse Masters provides you with the education programs and events to succeed.
  • Orbitmuse Habitat provides a place for you to build your program and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

Orbitmuse Habitat fast tracks your Space and aerospace venture with powerful tools for technology, fundraising and customer development all in one great coworking program.

  • Global entrepreneur network platform
  • Access to executive advisors and mentors
  • Experiential education via online courseware and dynamic events
  • Marketplace for angel syndicates to discover and invest in your startup
  • Valuable benefits include:
  • Platform for effective crowdfunding campaigns
  • Email marketing platform to reach customers and investors
  • Discounts and group buying power for network members
  • Supply chain transaction support

Memberships are limited, so get your Space now!

Learn more and view membership pricing:

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