Mars City State Authors

Authors (collectively referred to as the Windy City Settlers)

Matthew Cason

Strategist, Political-Junkie, Dreamer

Dylan R. Diewold

Communicator, Marketer, Exploration-Enthusiast

David Hurst

Space Entrepreneur, Technology Innovator 

Shaniel Katariwala

Engineer, Product Manager, Nutritionist

Candela Krup

Tinker in Space Economics


Nick Lindeke

Problem Solver, Enginerd, Logistics

Konstantinos Morakalis

Aerospace Engineer, Project Management, Propulsion

Charles Lee Mudd Jr.

Attorney, Futurist, Advocate

Gabriel Nagy

Innovative Thinker, Entrepreneur, Housing Practitioner

Stephen Nagy

Engineer, Astronmer, Future Martian

Otto Nitschmann

Curious, Engineer, Human

Aaron Pagel

Strategist, Economist, Storyteller

Jim Plaxco

IS Consultant, Systems Analyst, Space Ambassador

Nicholas Poplawski

Strategist, Innovator, Systems Thinker

Ariel Rudolph

Design, Culture, Storytelling

Michael Storey

Innovator, Entrepreneur, 3D Expert

Mark Wendtland

Engineer, Space Advocate, Future Planetary Explorer

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