One Million Marciane: The Mars City State Competition

Welcome to the Mars City State. This city state was designed by the NewSpace Chicago sponsored team, Windy City Settlers. Learn more about the authors. The Mars City State Competition is an open international contest for the best design plan for a Martian city state of 1,000,000 people, hosted by the Mars Society. Winners of this contest will be announced in October, 2020. 

Read our full report HERE.

After decades of growth and development, the Celestial Cooperative of Mars is excited to welcome all the peoples, enterprises, and nations of Earth to join the Marciane—the people of Mars—in the building of a new world for humankind. Mars has come far from its humble days as a distant, lonely outpost. Despite the toil and struggle, the Marciane have persevered and now look back to our homeworld to help us reach new heights and unlock new frontiers. Mars is a harsh, unforgiving world, yet it teems with boundless potential to those who are willing to join our collective endeavor.

With a population of over one million, Mars is humanity’s new frontier. Comprising the Decapolis, numerous commercial outposts, the Phobos Cosmopolis, Deimos, and various orbital facilities, Mars is a leading center of progress and innovation for the burgeoning solar economy and the greatest opportunity for human settlement. Centered on the capital city of Novy Kaishi on the rim of Jezro Crater overlooking Isidis Planitia, Mars hosts a dynamic economy that melds scientific discovery, advanced manufacturing, industrial expansion, and interplanetary logistical management to provide a springboard for growth ready for any migrant or enterprise to leverage to further our collective prosperity.

You can view the full report HERE.

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