Student Space Congress

Event Dates: April 29 & 30, 2021
Event Times: 3PM CT to 6PM CT on both dates
Event Location: Virtual via Remo

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In its ongoing mission to promote the new space industry, NewSpace Chicago will host a virtual Student Space Congress in Chicago this April 2021.  Through this event, we want to provide students – undergraduate and graduate – from across the country the opportunity to present their space-related projects, research, and work to a broad public and industry-specific audience.  Indeed, students may exhibit innovative and novel work in a broad range of astronomy, astrophysics, commerce, engineering, law, policy, and science related topics.  The presentations should convey information about work completed by the students and the application of their work to the broader space industry.

Additionally, NewSpace Chicago will extend invitations to companies and thought leaders in the broader space industry to attend the Congress.  Consequently, students will be provided the opportunity to share their work with participants in the space industry and other space related enthusiasts.  This will furnish students with key networking opportunities.

At the same time, the Space Congress will be open to the public.  Through this window into present and future space, NewSpace Chicago hopes to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts as well as provide the Chicago community an exciting perspective into an exciting time.  To be sure, we anticipate that the Congress will provide enhanced opportunities for all involved.

Through the Student Space Congress, our primary objective will be to showcase the student work.  For, the enthusiasm of today’s students inspire those of tomorrow.  Additionally, their work and projects will lead future developments in space commerce, law, policy, and science.  At the same time, NewSpace Chicago seeks to build Chicago’s reputation as a hub of space activity.  We hope you join us to make this Student Space Congress a success and model for future endeavors.

This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their spirit, ingenuity, and curiosity about space by presenting their projects to the wider space community. If you are student interested in presenting a project, we are now taking submissions for the inaugural Student Space Congress. Please click below to submit your project for this event.

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