Space is Open For Business: Business Opportunities on the High Frontier

David Hurst, organizer of NewSpace Chicago and CEO of Orbital Transports, will be presenting to the Chicago Society for Space Studies on the recent growth in the commercial space industry and the rise of NewSpace companies as well as how new technologies and new ways of doing business in space are rapidly changing the marketscape and opening up new opportunities for space-related and space-scalable businesses.  Can your business idea be used in space? Maybe the other way around?

David Hurst founded Orbital Transports to design the next-generation of on-orbit logistical infrastructure that will support a permanent human presence in space.  With Orbital Transports, he is excited to be following his passion for space exploration and to be developing new technologies to help humanity settle the high frontier. As an advocate of space-related and space-scalable businesses, David started the NewSpace Chicago astropreneur networking group.

The Chicago Society for Space Studies is a chapter of the National Space Society.  This CSSS event is free and open to the public as part of it’s educational outreach activities.

Date: Sunday, March 20, 2016
Time: 1:00 — 2:00
Location: Schaumburg Township District Library
Adult Classroom (2nd floor)
130 S Roselle Rd.
Schaumburg, IL

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