Mars City State Update: The Final Stretch

Two Short Months

The Windy City Settlers first came together less than two months ago, but have achieved so much in a short amount of time. The team has created a system of Marciane laws and drafted a Mars Treaty that allows Mars to develop as an independent entity, free from any nation on Earth. The city-state now spans across the surface of Mars and in orbital satellites, both natural and artificial, connected by a robust network of transportation infrastructure. Each site, carefully selected within the proximity to valuable natural resources, ensures the self-sustainability of the entire city-state.

This city-state is more than just a collection of people and technology. Where people go, their cultures follow. Mars will be no different. The population of Mars will be as diverse as that of Earth, creating an interplanetary hub that is a magnet for people and attractive for enterprises.

The team had a lot of fun solving out-of-this-world problems to create an idealistic Marciane city-state and society. Thank you to everyone who made this effort possible, including those who couldn’t make it into this picture.

Interested in More?

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