Event Mar 16, 2021: Avoiding the Dragon’s Trap

Event Date: March 16, 2021

Event Time: 6 PM CT – 7:30 PM CT

Event Location: Virtual Via Remo

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Space is rapidly becoming an arena for great power competition and potential conflict. One of the rapidly rising space powers is China. In this presentation, Coyote Smith describes the Moon as the Earth’s eighth continent, ripe for development. The tremendous resources available on the Moon offers new solutions to spiraling national debts dragging down western economies. The United States must move quickly, because other great powers are planning to capture those resources and leave us trapped and indebted… to them.

Dr. M.V. “Coyote” Smith, PhD, is a professor of strategic space studies in the Department of Spacepower at the Air Command and Staff College, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama. He retired from active duty in August 2016 with the rank of colonel while serving as a professor at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. Prior to this, he served as the Director of the Center for Strategy and Technology where he led PROJECT BLUE HORIZONS for the Air Force Chief of Staff. Earlier, he served at the Pentagon as the Chief of “Dream Works,” which was the Future Concepts Branch of the National Security Space Office, where he led the Defense Science Board and directed the Space-Based Solar Power Study.

The colonel Dr. M.V. “Coyote” Smith, PhDwas raised in North Conway, New Hampshire, and entered the Air Force in 1976 as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. In 1986 he was commissioned through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Program at Saint Michael’s College in Winooski, Vermont. He has served in various flying, space, and missile assignments and as an instructor at the USAF Weapons School. He commanded the 321st Missile Squadron at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne Wyoming, where his unit was recognized as the “Best ICBM Squadron in the Air Force.”

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