Chicago…A Hub for Space Travel? This Entrepreneur Says Yes.

NewSpace Chicago mentioned on ChicagoInno:

When you think about the future of commercial space travel and the possibility of long-term human presence in outer space, you think Elon Musk–and rightfully so. SpaceX has been one of the darlings of the tech world, making massive advancements in space innovation and collecting more than $1 billion in funding.

But innovation in the space industry isn’t exleusive to SpaceX, nor is it limited to startups in Silicon Valley.

The space industry is poised to be the “next trillion dollar industry,” and there’s a big opportunity for startups to get in on the ground floor, said Chicago-based serial entrepreneur David Hurst, who’s trying to make Chicago a hub for space innovation. And he’s already working on technology to facilitate human existence beyond planet Earth.


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