Event Tues 3/10: Satellite Mega Constellations

Mega satellite constellations will change the way businesses and governments operate both in space and on the ground. NewSpace Chicago has assembled a panel to discuss the incredible opportunities and risks associated with mega satellite constellations. 

Building and operating mega-constellations is a massive undertaking, but they can have a wide variety of applications to serve consumers, businesses, and governments. Those who dare to chase after mega-constellations face significant challenges and risks. These range from the impact on astronomical research and the dark sky environment to the worsening of space debris and resulting space traffic management complications. Given antiquated or the absence of effective domestic and international laws, significant policy and legal work – coupled with industry cooperation – must occur to ensure strategic and smart satellite expansion. Beyond the ever-increasing concern of a Kessler Syndrome scenario, what are the other implications of the proliferation of low Earth orbit constellations? Are the aerospace community and overseeing agencies equipped to, or sufficiently planning for, a paradigm shift in space utilization over the coming years? What are the business opportunities beyond telecommunications presented by large constellations? How will the prospect of manufacturing and launching thousands of mass-produced small satellites affect the space industry? 

Charles Mudd is the founder and principal of Mudd Law Offices, and he will identify the several legal and regulatory issues and propose immediate and long-term solutions. Charles has positioned his firm and practice at the forefront of space law and the expanding commercial space industry. His firm has a broad-based practice representing local, national, and international clientele in diverse litigation and transactional matters with offices in Chicago, Houston, and Park City. He has become internationally known on issues of technology, intellectual property, and the Internet. Charles is a founding member of the Internet Law Leadership Summit and serves as a Board Member of the International Technology Law Association. 

Daniel Mater is currently a Manager at EY-Parthenon, a strategy consulting firm. Before EY-Parthenon, Daniel worked in Financial Planning and Analysis at Planet Labs, a leading New Space startup that images the entire Earth every day from its fleet of over 100 cubesats. Daniel is also a graduate of the Space Studies Program at the International Space University, where he focused on Space Business and Management. 

Ken Walczak is the Senior Manager for Far Horizons at the Adler Planetarium’s space and near-space exploration program. Far Horizons connects students, volunteers, and the public with hands-on science and engineering projects. He is on the team designing NITESat, a CubeSat mission for light pollution imaging and NITELite, a world-first mission to map light pollution from a high altitude balloon platform. 

David Hurst is a technology entrepreneur, having founded multiple successful technology companies. He founded Orbital Transports, a space logistics company to develop orbital infrastructure technologies needed for the emerging economy of space resources—and ultimately support the human settlement of the Solar System.  David performs systems engineering and project management for small satellite space missions and is a contributor to the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group CubeSat System Reference Model. 

This event is part of a continuing series of space entrepreneurship discussion and networking forums presented by NewSpace Chicago and hosted at mHUB Chicago.  

Submit your questions to the panel here: LINK
Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: mHUB Chicago Classroom
Location: 965 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL (Get Directions)
RSVP: Sign up through EventBrite.com

Free parking available in the mHUB parking lot after 5:00 PM.

Requested donation for this event is $5. NewSpace Chicago is a registered Illinois 501(c)(3) organization.  Your tax-deductible donation helps support the entrepreneurial space industry in Chicago.

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