Event Jan 19, 2021: State of the Industrial Space Base

Private investment in commercial space activity is at an all-time high and growing as entrepreneurs and industrialists create new technologies and adapt existing technologies for space applications. This is fueled by the decreasing cost of space access and broad advances in space enabling technologies. This provides the opportunity for an expanded space industrial base beyond “big” aerospace companies that have traditionally supported government space missions. In May 2020, over 120 space leaders from across government, industry, and academia assembled for a workshop hosted by NewSpace New Mexico to develop a comprehensive unified civil, commercial, and national security space strategy for the United States. The workshop explored six areas vital to the US space industrial base: space policy and finance tools, space information services, space transportation and logistics, human presence in space, power for space systems, and space manufacturing and resource extraction. During this webinar, David Hurst will report on the findings and recommendations that came out of this workshop.

David Hurst is a technology entrepreneur, having founded multiple successful technology companies. He also has over 30 years of experience in software engineering, developing complex systems, managing software development teams, and delivering products. He has performed technical due diligence and business strategy assessments for venture capital firms and advanced technology start-ups. In 2013, he left the IT industry to follow his passion for space exploration. Mr. Hurst founded Orbital Transports to develop the space logistics and orbital infrastructure technologies needed for the emerging economy of space resources—and ultimately support the human settlement of the Solar System. Mr. Hurst performs systems engineering and project management for small satellite space missions. He is a contributor to the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group CubeSat System Reference Model and develops MBSE practices for small satellite missions. As an advocate of space-related and space-scalable business, he founded the NewSpace Chicago community of space entrepreneurs and others engaged in building commercial space ventures in Chicago. Mr. Hurst graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and has received four patents.

Registration: Eventbrite

Date: Tuesday, Janurary 19, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM CT – 7:30 PM CT

Venue: Virtual (The link to this virtual event will only be sent to registrants 24 hours before the event.)

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