Event Tue 6/15: Building an In-Space Economy, Building a Successful Space Company

Dr. Robert Hoyt will discuss the chicken-and-egg challenge in bootstrapping a new economic sphere based around in-space services, and the work that Tethers Unlimited is doing to develop key technologies needed to enable those in-space services.  He will also discuss lessons learned from his experiences in founding Tethers Unlimited, growing it organically over the past 26 years, and then selling the company to a Private Equity-backed firm.

Dr. Hoyt is a ‘relentlessly-inventive’ Technologist and Executive with expertise in advanced space technologies, additive manufacturing, plasma physics, and scientific algorithms. He co-founded Tethers Unlimited Inc in 1994 and has built it into a multi-$M space and defense R&D firm that is pioneering advances in small satellite technologies as well as in-space manufacturing and robotic assembly capabilities.

In 2020 he sold TUI to ARKA, L.P.  He also co-founded ScienceOps Inc., a big-data algorithm and web analytics firm purchased by Acquisio in 2012. Over the past twenty-six years he has pioneered the development of technologies for in-space manufacturing and assembly of space systems, affordable mitigation of orbital debris and radiation belts, propellantless propulsion for spacecraft, and mesh-networked communications for satellites.

This is part of a continuing series of space entrepreneurship discussion and networking forums presented by NewSpace Chicago and hosted in the Remo virtual environment. We are excited to present a new type of virtual event! One that aims to duplicate the relationship-building aspects of in-person events. We look forward to an interactive networking experience with everyone prior to the speaker presentation.

Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm US/Central
Venue: Remo Virtual Forum

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