Apollo 11: Aerospace and…. Fashion

Did you see CBS Sunday Morning’s great Apollo 11 segment, “The seamstresses who helped put a man on the moon” ?  It’s a great story on some of the behind-the-scenes heroes who helped get us to the moon.  In this case : the folks who designed and made, by hand, the space suits used by the Apollo astronauts.  It’s a great segment and you shouldn’t miss it!

Did you also know that NewSpace Chicago’s very own Lee Anderson hosted a meetup in 2017 about the long-standing collaboration between the aerospace and fashion industries?  It includes not just the early space suits, but through to today, including SpaceX’s suit design, boots for Boeing, and even aerospace’s influences back into high fashion.  Check out our video from 2017 ! (unfortunately, NSC’s video budget lags CBS 🙂 )

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