Space is Open for Business @ Adler After Dark (video)

On 21 December 2017, NewSpace Chicago came to Adler After Dark.  NewSpace Chicago founder David Hurst was a featured speaker.  He presented “Space is Open for Business: Business Opportunities on the High Frontier” and discussed the booming commercial space economy.

Technological innovation and new business models are rapidly changing the marketscape and opening up new opportunities for space-related and space-scalable ventures. The question is no longer how are we going to get to space. Today the question is what are we going to do once we’re there and how are we going to build profitable businesses there? Mr. Hurst will present some of the developments driving these changes and will look at some of the opportunities for new space ventures. Will your next job opportunity be in space? Can your business idea be used in space?

David Hurst founded Orbital Transports to develop the space logistics and orbital infrastructure technologies needed to support long-term human presence in outer space. David has been a technology entrepreneur for over 25 years, having formed and developed several successful technology start-ups. He conducts strategic business consulting and technical due diligence assessment for advanced technology start-ups. As an advocate of space-related and space-scalable businesses, he started the NewSpace Chicago community of space entrepreneurs, experts and others to promote the development of the commercial space industry in Chicago.

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