Event Thu 12/13: Investing In NewSpace: Real Opportunities Now

If you were an active investor in 1995, what Internet companies did you buy into? If you bought Amazon or Yahoo! well done! If you bought Pets.com or Furniture.com you have our sympathies!

Was competent due diligence and/or spreading of risk the deciding factors in whether investors won or lost, or was it something else? What separated the hype from reality?

Another transformational new industry is emerging; which is similar or even larger in scope and potential than 1995’s Internet revolution.

Once again, deep understanding of the industry and spreading of risk might just mean the difference between a fat Exit or a fat Zero.

The nexus point alluded to is the burgeoning NewSpace Industry which is upon us and accelerating like a rocket off the launch pad.

You may have read reports from JP Morgan, Goldman or Merrill about what they believe the value of the space industry will be by 2030. It’s in the Trillions.

How do you, the investor, make sense of this exciting, complex, and fast moving industry and how do you filter the real opportunities with potentially huge upsides, from the wishful thinking of many space entrepreneur wannabes?

What’s real and what’s fanciful?

Starbridge VC is a new space technology focused venture fund managed by an expert team of finance and technology professionals who have both a deep understanding of the space industry and successful investment management.

Join Steven Jorgenson and Richard Godwin, both founders of Starbridge Venture Capital Fund, for a discussion about the investment opportunities that currently exist in the fast-growing commercial space sector and how to mitigate the risk inherent in investing in the myriad of startups that are becoming available.

Date: Thursday, December 13, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 9:00pm
Venue: mHUB Chicago event space
Location: 965 W Chicago Ave, Chicago IL (Get Directions)

RSVP: Sign up through Eventbrite.com

Free parking available in the mHUB parking lot after 5:30pm.

Requested donation for this event is $5. NewSpace Chicago is a registered Illinois 501(c)(3) organization.  Your tax deductible donation helps support the entrepreneurial space industry in Chicago.

This is part of a continuing series of space entrepreneurship discussion and networking forums presented by NewSpace Chicago and hosted at mHUB Chicago.

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