Event Tues 5/18, 2021: Follies, Failures, and Successes in Pursuit of a Bustling In-Space Economy

Global array of satellite tankers

If we want to get off this rock, we need a bustling in-space economy that supports permanent jobs in orbit. Through building several satellites and founding several startups across four continents, Daniel’s career exemplifies, perhaps, a preponderance to fail forward in pursuit of this goal. Join in a reflection on an industry that has changed dramatically in the last few years, and speculation of whole new areas of endeavour where we have not failed sufficiently…

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Event Thu 10/10: The Coming Economy of Space Resources

In 2012, Planetary Resources was announced as the first asteroid mining company, followed shortly thereafter by the announcement of Deep Space Industries. Both companies had high profile investors and big plans to mine asteroids for water, metals and other minerals and spark a new gold rush in space. Six years later, both companies were struggling and wound up being sold to acquirers having nothing to do with space resources. What is the reality of extracting…

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